Why I wrote this book:

Great feedback about Pam’s latest book! “This book gets my applause! It is a sensitive, personal presentation of autism factors, and one family’s journey of discovery throughout.”

Did you know that the Center for Disease Control has recently changed the percentages of children with autism?  It now says that 1 in 50 children will be placed on the autism spectrum!

It is my hope that this book will show those of you who are not aware of what autism “looks like” that it doesn’t necessarily “look” any different from you or me.  Sometimes it does, but not always.

Every person with autism is different and the disorder shows itself in a variety of ways.  It certainly isn’t anything to be frightened of, nor judgmental about.  I can guarantee that each family with an autistic child is doing the very best they can with the child they have been gifted with.

Yes, I said gifted with.  Having a child with autism forces you to see things differently.  When you try to see things as they might, it actually opens your eyes.  My grandson, Connor can find joy and wonder in the simplest things that we take for granted.  It is indeed a gift to watch and learn from him.  He helps us to see the beauty and wonder around us.

I also hope to give encouragement to those families who have an autistic child.

Perhaps you will see your child in my descriptions.  I imagine some of the things I’ve described will make you laugh and other things I wrote will make you cry.

I truly believe there is hope.  The trick is learning how they learn.  Once you crack that code, the sky’s the limit.  Okay, maybe not the sky, your child may have different limitations than Connor, but there is hope.

There is always hope.

front cover Autism: Expressions of a Non-Verbal Child back cover Autism: Expressions of a Non-Verbal Child

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One reader has this to say about “Autism: Expressions of a non-verbal child.”

“Pam, this is really, really, really good – and will be a very valuable contribution to the field, especially in helping families and other loved ones come to grips with the fact of a loved one with autism.  This is different, with a different purpose and a different audience than you’ve written before.  Please-please-please go for it!  This is tremendous – and your writing style is perfect for the ‘mission.’